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This summer, I had the opportunity to speak to Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, and was lucky enough to get to do a podcast with Kerissa Bearce.  Take a listen below: Here is one of the elements from the podcast that I talked about and hopefully it resonates.  Enjoy the podcast! May 22, 2013 10 Ideas To Move … [Read more…]

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One of the amazing things about my job, is the ability to learn from so many amazing individuals. Donna DeSiato is one of those leaders.  The vision for education, as well as the moves they are making to make that a reality, show the importance of leadership and bringing people together.  The “system” is always made … [Read more…]

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In my last post, I shared an article regarding a Michigan High School that recently banned mobile devices from their classrooms. Here was one of my comments: These articles used to really bother me, but what I have learned is that I never know the whole story. There is always more to any article or … [Read more…]

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My good friend AJ Juliani is about to start a Genius Hour Master Course.  His passion for this topic and his ability to share his enthusiasm has made a significant difference with so many educators. As this is a paid course, you can sign up here, and he is also offering a 20% discount if … [Read more…]

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Have you ever heard, or even said, “The bell doesn’t dismiss you. I dismiss you.”  I know I have early on in my career. That line is not about empowerment, let alone engagement. It is strictly about compliance.  More on this in a bit. This snippet of an interview from Gary Vaynerchuk and Larry King, … [Read more…]

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