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Here are two things that I have been thinking about a lot lately. 1. Any success I have had in the past and in the future has never ever been done truly on my own. I have been blessed to have so many incredible mentors, colleagues, friends, and family members who have either helped open … [Read more…]

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At times, you have to say “no” to good things to be able to say “yes” to important things. You can’t do it all. Be mindful and choose wisely. The above quote is from a post, “7 Powerful Reminders to Focus on What Matters”, from one of my favorite blogs by Marc and Angel, and … [Read more…]

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Katie Novak and I had a chance to discuss some of the concepts from our book, Innovate Inside the Box, on the below webinar with CAST.  It is an hour-long if you are interested in watching it. Here is the full webinar below: Here are a few things that I wanted to highlight from the video: 1. … [Read more…]

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I found this quote from Susan Fowler’s book, “Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work . . . and What Does” fascinating in the context of education, learning, and school; So a few thoughts on this quote for my reflection. In what parts of my own life do I find “joy” in the struggle of learning? Where … [Read more…]

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IMpress Books is really excited about the release of Tom Murray’s new book, “Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences That Impact a Lifetime.”  I can tell you that it made me laugh, cry (a lot), and think a lot about our purpose in education. Here’s an endorsement from Principal and Author of “Be Excellent on … [Read more…]

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A teacher was sharing a story about a student in her grade one class that had struggled with reading. One thing she tried was providing a student an iPad to read texts, and because of the ability to enlarge the text, all of a sudden, the student was reading. More importantly, the student was enjoying … [Read more…]

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Years ago, I remembered walking into this redesigned library that was seemingly the stuff of dreams in education.  It was more like a media center and had spaces that were created for collaborative learning as well as spaces to work your own. Flexible seating accommodated the learning needs of many different learners, and it was … [Read more…]

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I was recently asked what some actionable steps to moving toward a “culture of innovation are.” In my first book, “The Innovator’s Mindset,” I discuss five areas that schools can focus on to help people embrace meaningful change.  They are the following: Strengths-Based Leadership (How do we focus on strengths of those that we serve?) Powerful … [Read more…]

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One book that I come back to over and over again is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Written in 1936, there is still so much from this book that resonates today. For example, this quote always grounds me on if we are trying to help others move forward; we must … [Read more…]

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This post is from my “Innovate Inside the Box” co-author, Katie Novak.  In her recent work, she connected the idea of graduate profiles and “The Innovator’s Mindset.” Check out her post below.  Today I had the opportunity to work with an amazing administrative team in the Del Norte School District on the northern coast in … [Read more…]

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I recently had the opportunity to discuss “Innovate Inside the Box” and “The Innovator’s Mindset” on “The Award-Winning Culture podcast by Wildcat Nation.”  I have done several podcasts, but this was one of my favorites because it was led and created by current students. It was great to talk with the students, but the best … [Read more…]

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I thoroughly enjoyed this post from Shawn Lovejoy on “The Liabilities of Being a Perfectionist.” This part specifically stood out to me: Leaders execute. They get things done. Quickly, consistently and (hopefully) with little drama. Perfectionist leaders get trapped “waiting” on something to be perfect. Conditions must be ideal and every wrinkle ironed out before a … [Read more…]

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From Katie Martin in “Learner-Centred Innovation“: Just think how you might begin to make the changes and the impact you desire in school if instead of statements like, “If they would have, . . .” you started asking, “How might I…?” This is what is referred to by psychologists as the locus of control or … [Read more…]

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In 2019, I have had a goal of running at least 100 miles each month using the @Aaptiv app.  Some months are more comfortable than others, but my focus has not been on getting faster but getting my goal done each month.  As I was doing one of the running programs, I heard the story … [Read more…]

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I recently read a post titled, “The 10 Stories Great Leaders Need to Tell,” and they listed these ten stories that leaders need to be able to tell: Story 1: Where We Came From (A Founding Story) Story 2: Why We Can’t Stay Here (A Case-for-Change Story) Story 3: Where We’re Going (A Vision Story) … [Read more…]

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