Lunch & Learn: a parent engagement opportunity!

Never under estimate a team of creative teachers who want to show off their creative students.  Our kinder team hosted a lunch and learn for their parents last week.  With November being a month of family engagement, this just tied right in!  After 30 minutes in classrooms, parents also got to enjoy lunch wit their child. Despite having packed classrooms and 22 indian pharmacy five year olds, I was so impressed with the calm & collected manner in which our teachers worked the room, making sure each and no prescription online pharmacy every child had someone to share with.

They sent home invites asking parents to come in for thirty minutes before their lunch time. As they walked in, their student greeted them with an iPad and they went and found somewhere to sit. Sharing a set of headphones, the student showed the parent how to get to the iBooks page. On that page, they were greeted by this, over a dozen student created iBooks showing off the culmination of their animal unit.


Photo Nov 08, 9 49 06 AM


After a field trip to the petting zoo, our kinder kiddos came back and created these iBooks. They took pictures and videos of their chosen animals in small groups. They came back and were asked different facts and fun questions by their teacher. It was all then compiled into a presentation that they were so proud to share. The beaming smiles on ALL of the faces reminded me that yes, school can be FUN, and accomplish its curricular goals. Students worked together, had tasks to complete, and had to learn facts about their chosen animal. Sounds like a typical kindergarten activity…but what made this different? The opportunity for their voice to be heard by their family. The opportunity to make an artifact that showcased their pictures and their videos in a format that excited them. Moms, dads, and even grandparents, got to share the excitement of pigs, sheep, and cows through a 5 year olds eyes.

A principal colleague recently asked if school should be fun. This day full of smiles and a much more authentic version of “what I learned on my field trip” reassures me that yes, yes it should.


engagement proud,



ps: That lunch and learn concept? Imagine the possibilities. PD. Any grade level can do it with parents. A google hangout with other administrators. A principal’s roundtable on any number of topics. Everyone  likes food and a 30 minute commitment isn’t too much to ask…

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  1. Christopher J Racek (@cjracek) said:

    Great post about what was obviously an fantastic event. It is amazing what can happen when we allow our students to show off what they have learned in an authentic setting – the daily classroom, not at a P/T conference. Of course none of this happens by chance. Great leadership, great teaching and a shared vision of what school and learning should be.
    Thank you for sharing! School should be fun. I agree.

    November 12, 2013

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