Whose voice is in your Leadership Circle?

When making decisions, having discussions, or troubleshooting topics on your campus, how many people are involved? How many voices have input? I think it's important to have several…in fact, I can give you some perspective on 4 voices that I think NEED to be involved in practically all of your campus decisions. A quadrant of leadership, if you will.

First voice, the Boss. The head honcho. The one who knows district policy, inside and out. The canadian health care one who sets the vision, inspires the direction of the campus, and helps viagra without a prescription canada empower every body on the campus to be the best they can be, from students to staff. The Boss is the instructional leader who recognizes their own limitations and chooses to surround themselves with a team that balances strengths and weaknesses.

Next, the Sunshine. The Sunshine is the calm, positive, supportive voice who adds different perspectives in every situation. Think of the sunshine as the devils advocate in reverse. They truly see situations without ulterior motives and is always looking at the whole “person”. The Sunshine never has a bad thing to say about anyone, and is so genuinely good, it's impossible for situations to get volatile or hateful in their presence. Every team needs a lil'Sunshine.

The Bitty Bird. The Bitty Bird is the voice of all the babies on your campus who need an advocate for their rights. They look at the LAWS and the STATUTES in place within the system (district, state, national policy) and ensure that they are followed. Without a Bitty Bird, you can walk too close to the line of whats “right” for kids, but isn't done the right way. Legal polices are black and white, and Bitty Birds keep you out of the grey.

Lastly, you need a Cheerleader. The Cheerleader cheers for what you do…they recognize that everyone needs to be encouraged. Days are long and days are draining. The Cheerleader is there to pep you up and remind you WHY you're in this business in the first place! They're always up for something new, to change something up…you can't do the same cheer over & over!  From a thank you to an “I noticed” statement, the Cheerleader is there for YOU.


I love this quote and reference it frequently when talking about collaboration, connecting, or in any form of a PLN discussion. Even more importantly, I hope your leadership circle, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Voxer or IRL, I hope it involves all of these voices. Never forget that we are better together than we could ever be separate.

I would love to hear which voice you think YOU are…can you guess which one I aspire to be??

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  1. James said:

    I believe that leadership requires voice. I have always believed in a the philosophy of surrounding yourself with really smart people. As a leader you can and should create an environment where pople want to succeed. This article very wisely pointed out that great leadership is a team effort. Thanks for sharing!

    October 23, 2013
  2. Amanda said:

    I love how this James fella commented from the future!

    I totally think that a good group of people with those qualities make a powerful team! I love this article!

    October 23, 2013
  3. My guess is that you are all of the above but your strength is ‘cheering’ others on. Thanks for the reminder on how much we need those around us!

    October 23, 2013

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