Connected Principals Announce First Elluminate Session – September 26th

After a month of planning, we are excited to announce our first ever Connected Principals” Elluminate session this Sunday, September 26 from 5:30-6:30 p.m (EST).  We are thankful for the help of Shelly Terrell to make this possible and we are thrilled that she will be moderator for our first session! We hope that this monthly session will provide an opportunity for contributors of the Connected Principals blog and guests to share insights into various issues that impact schools.  More importantly, we are hoping to make some new connections by luring some of our colleagues here that have been hesitant to embrace technology as a tool to support their individual growth.

My colleague George Couros recently wrote a post titled “They Don’t Get It” in which he talked about the tremendous professional growth that his on-line connections have afforded him over the past year.  He asks a couple of questions in the that ring true for many of us who have constructed a personal learning network:

“What about the people in our schools that are not connecting? ”

“How do we help them along?”

It is our hope that our initial Connected Principals’ Elluminate session will provide connected educators with an opportunity to get their colleagues to listen in an see the types of discussions they are missing.  This session will not be a sales-pitch about why educators should connect. It will be a discussion about relevant topics that we all struggle with as leaders, whether you are a school leader, a team leader, or a classroom leader.

It is our hope that the discussion itself we be the hook for newcomers. If not, we know that at the very least, it will be a chance for all of us who love connecting to share some rich discussions about that which we are most passionate about – our schools and our students.

In closing, I challenge each of you to bring some of your yet-to-be connected colleagues into the conversation. Surely, they will give up one hour for their lives for a chance to change their professional lives in ways that they never imagined?

See you Sunday!

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  1. Whitney said:

    I am so interested in this Ellumination! I have a prior commitment but hope the results of this online conversation will be available later. Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

    September 25, 2010

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