Leaving…on a jet plane!

Going to the airport is always stressful for me. Safe statistic or no, it still stresses me out to know I am actually going to be flying…in the air. Way up high.

Don’t even get me started on making sure I’ve packed everything, that my reservations are all right, and that I have something to read.

Realistically, I know that in order to get to where I want to be, I have to be able to actually GET on the plane. I have to choose to walk down the hallway. If you get on the wrong plane, or worse, don’t get on at all…you’re going to be stuck right where you are.

As we get going on this new year, don’t let the new & different freeze you in the hallway. Choose to get on that plane! Embrace the fact that change is always scary…even good change. Education is all about change. Every year we have NEW students, that alone changes the dynamics of your classroom or building. New staff members bring a different energy. There’s always something that is added to your day that may potentially unnerve you, but you have to be able to be able to see past the “change” to know that you want to get on that plane towards student success.

The destination is always worth the headache it took to get there. When you look back you won’t even remember the packing stress or running late, you’ll just have the amazing memories of your journey.

Buckle up,