I’m a fan of a to-do list. (Especially if it’s on lined, monogrammed paper!) I highly enjoy crossing things off as I accomplish them, it just makes me feel as if I am being so productive in life…as if then I won’t have guilt when I sit down to read or go to bed at 8pm. (sigh.)

However, being in a new environment and having some different & new expectations, I’ve got a mental what NOT to do list in my head. Some of them are simple, some, are reflections of my PLN’s perspective, and one is just a mental checklist_98547me reminder.


5. I will not….read powerpoint slides.

Why is this still being done? Heavens. I can’t even focus on the content that is being offered because I am so busy mentally wondering why they think we can’t read.

Instead, i will offer witty and important comments that accompany each slide and ask if any clarification is needed.

4. I will not…forget that I am the new girl,but I also have a perspective to offer! 

I try to post a positive, reflective quote on Facebook each morning. These are actually statements directed at my heart and things I feel I need to keep in mind for myself each day. I am amazed how many people comment that they too benefit from them each day. yesterday’s relates to #4, “Be interesting, be enthusiastic, & don’t talk too much. –Norman Peale”. Being new is intimidating. I don’t know where every nook and cranny is, I don’t know personalities…but I will. And it’s ok to not know for a few weeks. I can be quiet, take it all in and do what is asked of me until I get my footing or am asked for input. What is important is that I remember that  I know how to do this job. I know how to work with teachers, how to motivate and help them through this back to school season and how to meet and love on kids. I value relationships and I have the chance now to build new ones. Everything else will come…


3. I will not…pretend to know what is going on but will instead ASK when I need clarification. 

There is something to be said for being a veteran. George and John  have had an interesting exchange talking about the value of experience and appreciating what everyone has to offer. I love that I don’t yet know the personalities and quirks within this staff. I have no preconceived notions of what strengths or weaknesses each have to offer. In the same way, they don’t know mine! I talked about how every student needs the chance to start all over, this is our year to do the same. What an amazing opportunity!


2. I will not…develop bad habits. 

I will work when I am at work. I will NOT work when I am at home. (Ironically, yes, I am at work on a Saturday, but come on, it’s BTS!) I will take this fresh chance to develop GOOD habits, like leaving work on time. Like utilizing my time wisely, keeping track of my “have to, need to, want to list”. Like staying organized and on schedule. Like bringing my lunch every day. Like drinking more water.


1. I will not…forget why I am here. 

There are 600-ish students here that need someone to remember that they are kids. Someone to hug them, stand up for the, inspire and motivate them. Fresh smiling faces that need to LOVE learning and LOVE school. Every decision I make or have input in needs to come back to what is best for THEM. In the same vein of this post, I want to be a student principal.  I am here to do what I can for them. Whether that is help plan engaging lessons, unstress teachers with a snack so they’re happier, or help them be accounatble…that’s who I want to be. There should be more student focused, not testinggradingdresscode focuse,d decisions made. A great couple of examples? Jimmy Casas and Todd Neslony…great men who put kids first.


Do you have things that are important  NOT to do this year? I hope you all have a GREAT back to school and that you don’t do them, 😉