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Had the privilege of meeting Brian Pete and Robin Fogarty at ASCD in FL a few years ago. Their session on training was probably one of the best I’d ever been too! If you haven’t ever heard of them, they have two books that I highly recommend. From Staffroom to Classroom, I & II. They give you a number of ways to conduct training with your staff that the teachers can then turn around and use in the classroom. It serves a dual purpose…giving the adults the opportunity to get up and moving, which increases their retention, and also provides strategies that they can use in their classroom with minimal fuss and effort. A win win!


I used a couple in the #ignite13 this week and thought giving my top three would serve as a great reminder for me to continue to utilize these great books as we start thinking about in-service for next year.


  • My favorite is the PMI. The PMI can be used to open a conversation about a topic or review mid session what you are talking about. It allows your teachers (or students!) to see a big picture, which with practice, can def develop those higher level thinking skills! You simply have the participants find a partner and give a Pa plus, an Ma minus, and an Isomething interesting, about what you are discussing. As a whole group you can make a table, or you can call on volunteers to share.


  • I also like the three musketeers strategy for finding groups. Having your audience stand up and get moving is a great way to keep them awake and on their toes, 🙂 Everyone simply stands up with their hand in the air
    s they find two other people to match up with. It’s a quick and easy way to create a collaborative group that you can use over and over. People also like to share in small groups, safer in small numbers!


  • Give one! Get one! is a great strategy to use if you have prepared statements. It allows for meaningful interaction amongst your crowd on a train of though that you select. This can be a great icebreaker. Simply provide your crew with a list of statements or prepared questions and have them find someone in the room to share with. They give one, giving their answer or thoughts and get one, hear someone elses’ perspective.


Short, sweet, and easy, 🙂 I like it!


Again, check out “From Staffroom to Classroom” parts I & II...you won’t be disappointed!



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