Charismatic Leaders

First session down…”The Power of Transformational Leadership: Transforming Schools through Innovative Leadership Capacity”

I’m going to add

my highlights and come back in later with my own thoughts, 🙂 I will keep up with this!

“Everyone wants reform, but few like to change.” A re-occuring theme of educators…keep in mind as educators you want to always model what you want to see in your classrooms. We want to continue to practice at this thing called education leadership…in the same way we emulate sports figures because they get better with


How is transformational leadership like coaching? It is constant…you are always on.
Characteristics of a TL? They

have a clear vision, they are a social architect, are able to create trust, and hold themselves in high positive self regard.

I’m going to come back in later with my own thoughts….but my favorite line shared was that a transformational leader has to be able to inspire a shared vision that can challenge others to transcend the status quo.

note takeN,