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imagesCAZTI5HUWe designated the month of February to be our Luna love month. Knowing that February is the start of the testing pressure and push, we wanted to remind our teachers that we appreciate them, all their hard work, and that we were all in this together.

We came up with a few different ideas and tried to space them out to one or two a week. We were also working on a nonexistent budget, 🙂 so that factored into our ideas as well.

I asked in advance for teachers to bring lil’gifties that they have maybe received and weren’t crazy about. Like lotions, perfumes, or those

“free gifts with purchases” items…we got SO much fun stuff! From nail polish to unopened movies to sweet candles…I got a plethora of goodies! We put

on a cart and designated it the “prize cart”.

The first week I handed out sentence strips and asked teachers to write down one thing they loved about Luna. We stapled them together and hung them up front as links of loves…each hour one day I would read one aloud on the announcements and that teacher got to come down and choose something off the cart.

We had a cookie cart service, where a parent and our amazing counselor made dozens of cookies and then they went around and delivered them one afternoon as an afternoon treat because they’re so sweet. (yes, I think cheesily like that all the time. It’s my gift.)

We made them watch this video and then handed out validation tickets that they could redeem from an administrator for some personal “validation”.

Mixed up homemade trail mix and gave everyone a snack bag full with a note that says that we couldn’t imagine being on this trail of education with anyone else. 🙂

Posted QR codes all over the school that told to see different admin for different treats.  We offered jean passes, happy signs for their classroom, stickers, or chocolate.

We hid blow pops in their room one morning before anyone arrived.

We passed around red plastic plates with dry erase markers with happy notes on them and asked that they continue the favor.

It was a great month of love and again, didn’t

cost us much but let them know that #theymatter…because? they do. They work hard, they work all day, and they work for our students. They need to be reminded that we see that and care.

Lion Lucky,




  1. Beth said:

    What a fabulous idea! Feeling appreciated makes everyone’s day. Kudos.

    February 28, 2013

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