Leading by example….

keepN calmIt’s the title of a number of books and has been mentioned in several twitter chats I’ve lurked through recently. Administrators are called to lead by example. It’s the easiest way to present new information, a new presentation style, or an idea that you’d like to see take root on your campus.

I’m a big fan of the book “From Staff Room to Classroom” which provides interactive and engaging strategies that get adults up and involved in the PD being presented. The idea is that the teachers will get comfortable with these strategies and adapt them for use in the classroom. Every professional development we have at campus, I pull from this book. I want our teachers to see that I am attempting to differentiate our trainings, as well provide USEFUL strategies…even if they don’t like the content being presented.

Between those strategies

and my ever going attempt to infuse more positivity, we declared the month of February to be the “Luna Love” month. We’ve planned two or three different “lovely” activities each week to show how much we love our teachers.

For today’s I posted QR codes that they had to scan to receive how they could receive a free “prize”. We gave out chocolate, free jeans, passes, and some motivational posters. Cheap & easy, but positive!

The end result? I had two teachers figure

out what QR codes were and download the app to get their prizes. I have one teacher who has created and printed out mini QR codes to post all over her classroom so that when students are done with their work they can scan them and

find extension activities. I showed three fifth graders how to create a QR codes and let them create several with facts about our school, as we’re moving into the free choice period in our


All in all? Examples shown and examples followed. Success!

How do you eat the elephant, folks? One bite at a time!

following the leader,


  1. Jamie Neibling said:

    Thanks for this post and the recommendation of “From Staff Room to Classroom”. This is just the type of resource that I have been looking for as a new instructional coach! I realize the importance of matching our professional development time with what we want to see modeled in the classroom. The “how” we present the information to teachers is just as important as the “what”. Thanks again!

    February 13, 2013
    • @8amber8 said:

      Hi Jamie, thanks for reading/commenting! You won’t be dissapointed in that book…soooooo many easy ways to engage all levels of learners!!

      February 13, 2013
  2. Bonnie Johnson-Aten said:

    Hi Amber,
    Loved your post and thanks for the book recommendation can’t wait to get my hands on it. Would love to hear more about you Luna Love month…sounds great especially the piece about QR codes.

    February 23, 2013

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