Teacher-led PD on Tech Tuesday

Teacher-led PD = the most meaningful and collaborative PD available in education today.

This morning, we held our bi-weekly Tech Tuesday for staff. The topic was on Skype in the Classroom. Two local district educators, Glenn Yetter (@CoachYetter) and Brett Baker (@Bakerbg), Skyped into our before school meeting to teach us about the benefits of Skyping across the school, out to a nearby school or even a country 7 timezones away. We discussed #MysterySkype, Skype bookchats, Skype cultural chats and ways to make the setting come to life in our literature.

We have these meetings scheduled every other Tuesday and topics are chosen based upon what the teachers wanted to learn more about. Future topics include Twitter, Edmodo, Study Island, Google Voice, KidBlogs, Moodle and more. Attendance is optional and the purpose is to personalize the ideas for those in the room. Today, nine Knapp

teachers showed up to join the Skype 101 session. Embedded below is the resourceful Prezi created by Glenn. It’s worth a look and share out with those in your schools and PLNs working to become connected educators.

Each of us have dedicated and selfless educators like Glenn and Brett in our organizations – Teacher leaders who are ready and willing to offer their ideas and expertise to inspire the minds of others. I’ve learned so much from these two educators. As a building leader, it’s my responsibility to both my school and my school culture to identify these in-house talents and put them in a position to support the growth of those in my learning community.  If your vision as a leader includes the construction of a collaborative learning culture, you cannot be the only one facilitating the professional development. Your staff must see you as a learner first, soaking up what your students, teachers and parents share with you on a daily basis. In my career in education, I have yet discount levitra purchase to hear how a teacher or leader was inspired by their micromanager buy levitra us boss.

Moving forward, we’re planning more Tech Tuesdays and encouraging other teachers to step up and offer PD in tech/non-tech areas such as Daily 5, Student Blogging and Student-led Conferences. These and other topics directly relating to our school goals will build upon our second un-conference #KnappCamp later this school year.


  1. Haidi Appel said:

    We have “Breakfast Bytes” once a month before school. Teachers and others in the district share technology information with the staff. We have learned well from each other and look forward to our future sessions.

    January 30, 2013
  2. Glenn Yetter said:

    Thanks Joe. A a lead teacher, I appreciate your vision and willingness to share your vision with others. As professional development becomes a distant memory, many of us continue to strive towards making our classroom a fun and engaging place to be for all students. I look forward to continuing our partnership!

    January 30, 2013
  3. Looks like you have quite a few takers for your Tech Tuesdays, which shows the willingness of your staff to learn. It is so worthwhile to bring in other educators to share to share their expertise. There are so many people right in our own districts too with a lot to offer their colleagues! Collaboration in action – love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    January 31, 2013
  4. Kadri Auväärt said:

    One of our school foci is digital pedagogy. Last year we trialled iPads in the classroom and met regularly as an iPad group to share ideas. The benefits for staff and students has been huge… No doubt we will be continuing meeting this year…and looking forward to it.

    February 1, 2013
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