We Must Question and Dream

“Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things,” President Ronald Reagan eloquently stated in his 1988 speech at Moscow State University. “It is the right to dream – to follow your dream or stick to your conscience even if you’re the only one in a sea of doubters.”

I thought of this quote by President Reagan as I read the headline I had been anticipating – school reform is back on the state agenda.
Ohio school districts will soon be facing

the reality of a new state biennial budget – a budget sure to have a new

vision for our children. Four consecutive Ohio governors have proposed significant reforms for our education system.

With each reform movement have come requirements and procedures, policies and legislation. Some ideas have proved to be effective while others have simply been a waste of time. Regardless of party affiliation or ideology there is a common thread to each movement . . . the status quo isn’t getting it done for all students in Ohio.

On that point, we can all agree.

I reference President Reagan because I

believe that more than any new legislation, education today is in desperate need of dreamers. Education today is crying for innovators – for leaders able to be associational thinkers – people with the ability to take seemingly competing or differing ideas and bring them together. Associational thinkers are dreamers who understand how to change the status quo.

I believe our state leaders have dared to dream; I believe our state leaders have sought innovative ideas. But, at the end of the day, I believe true innovation in education must be grass roots not government mandated.

As an education leader, I actively seek opportunities to bring divergent ideas together to create new opportunities for the students in Loveland. I am also a dreamer, and I believe we will find success in the face of great obstacles. I want our Tiger Family to know that in my heart of hearts I am committed to “change the established way of doing things” and successfully navigate “in a sea of doubters” for the students we serve regardless of what happens with the state agenda for school reform.