Pantophobia in Education

In Charlie Brown’s Christmas Lucy asked Charlie Brown, “Do you think you have pantophobia?” In its simplest form, pantophobia is the fear of everything. My concern as a lifelong educator is mexican persciption diflucan that it is this type of fear is penetrating all levels of m

y profession in two forms – fear of change and fear of the future. This fear isn’t isolated by community boundaries – it is real and rooted in districts across this great country; when you examine the current climate of education, it isn’t hard to understand why.

Without doubt, public education is under unprecedented scrutiny. Without exception, teachers are concerned about the attacks on their profession. Without question, educators are being pushed at a revolutionary pace to catch-up and prepare America’s next generation of leaders, workers, and thinkers. From new evaluation systems to a national common curriculum, from new Cialis professional 100 mg assessments to the proliferation of instructional technology, there are mindboggling changes facing today’s educators. But, as educators, we can’t become pantophobic; our task is too important.

We must look at the changes in education as opportunities. It is incumbent of leaders – both political and educational – to shift from apprehension to assurance and create opportunities to support the phenomenal educators in our schools. We must seek occasions to celebrate excellence and foster a culture of innovation. We must eliminate conflict, remove obstacles, and focus on the future as we prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow. We don’t have the time to look back with nostalgia, seeking a return to yesterday’s educational norms. The past is just that . . . the past. We must prepare students for tomorrow, not for yesterday.

I believe – in my heart of hearts and soul of souls – that the vast majority of educators are committed to meeting these challenges. We need courageous leaders, dedicated professionals, and innovative teams to solve today’s problems. Working as partners with a singular mission to prepare the future generation of American children we will overcome our pantophobic tendencies – and embrace this education evolution as optimists. If we don’t… well, that prednisone 50mg is real reason to have fear.

Posted December 14, 2013

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