True Leaders

This is a post, shared by Heidi Hass Gable, and re-shared here with her permission.

"True Leaders quote by Heidi Hass Gable"

True Leaders

I gave a job reference a while ago for someone I admire greatly. As viagra discount I’ve reflected on that conversation, I find that I keep coming back to one idea in particular.

The interviewer asked me, near the end, if there’s any one thing I’d like to highlight or to say (that I hadn’t said already)? Was there a final impression I wanted to leave with the hiring committee?

I was quiet for a moment. Was there? Had I said enough and covered all I wanted to say? I waited to see what would emerge.

And something did…

I said “This kamagra soft tab may sound trivial, but I really want to emphasize that he’s just a really decent, honest, caring person. Fundamentally, I believe he’s a good human being. And that’s what makes him so successful in any situation – viagra purchase because it’s not an act, he’s not trying to prove anything, and he knows what’s important to him and his community.”

It resonated (and still does) as something extremely important for a leader to be…

And as I’ve thought about those moments, my mind wanders through my memories of the truly powerful, life changing leaders (formal and informal) I’ve known. The true leaders that I admire most have all been these kinds of people!

  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Patient
  • Passion driven, clear on their priorities
  • Striving to live their beliefs every moment of every day
  • Forgiving (of themselves and of others)
  • Having immense faith in people
  • Basically, just cheap cialis online no prescription honest to goodness, really decent human beings…

    Perhaps an old fashioned idea. No business degree needed for this part. Just the hard work of self reflection, personal growth and continuous striving to be accepting, caring, compassionate and trustworthy.

    ~ Heidi Hass Gable


    1. Derek Suttie said:

      Couldn’t agree with your thoughts more…absolute truths – thank you!

      December 3, 2012
      • heidi said:

        Glad you enjoyed the read!
        I find myself pondering how we integrate these truths into our actions – even into our hiring practices? Hmmm…

        December 6, 2012
    2. Shawn Blankenship said:

      Thanks Heidi for sharing.

      This post reminded me of my very first interview. As I nervously sit in front of a panel of 18 educators at the age of 22, I’m asked a very similar question. “Is there anything else you would like to add?” I simply thought for a moment and then genuinely and with sincerity I replied, “I know you do not know me, but if you did, you would like me. I get along with anyone, I work hard, and I will do anything I am asked. In other words, I am a honest to goodness person.

      I was offered the job and to this day, those educators on the panel still remember my final comment and they remind me of it every time we see one another. Thanks again for sharing.


      December 6, 2012
    3. heidi said:

      I’ve been pondering…

      On my original post, Dave Truss commented: A great perspective that is often forgotten, or not thought about, when making big decisions about hiring people in important roles.

      And I responded: You know, I don’t think this perspective is forgotten, so much as unspoken. We have a “gut feeling” about a person, know whether his/her words ring true or not. But I’ve never seen a hiring committee include criteria to assess candidates about being trustworthy, kind, or having clear values.

      I wonder what that would look like? Instead of that vague, unmeasurable “gut feeling” – could we see these as competencies that candidates must share stories to support?

      And if we know we want these qualities in leaders, could we help people develop these competencies purposefully by consciously articulating the value/importance of kindness and caring. Not just occasionally (ie random acts of kindness), but as a core competency and woven into our every day?

      We do this with students – we talk about and try to build empathy, compassion, kindness. I think it’s time we articulate this into our own professional development and hiring processes.

      December 6, 2012
    4. Hazel said:

      Hi there Heidi!

      I’m Hazel, an Instructional Designer from Malaysia.

      Just want to share my two cents on a true leader.

      “A true leader puts the team first before self, even though it means having to become a follower once again.”

      Best regards,

      December 22, 2012

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