A social media sabbatical…or how social media isn't for sissies…


Today is November 30th, 2012. I, Amber Teamann, of sound body and sound mind, do hereby declare a social media sabbatical.

Sounds so solemn, eh? Totally mean it. I am vowing to take the ENTIRE month of December off from social media. No FB, no twitter, no instagram. No Tumblr stalking or meme talking. I am taking a break.

Why? Amongst many a post of “unfriending them all” and “following them all”.

Amongst be yourself! no wait, be professional! no wait!

Amongst “facebook is the devil” and “don’t be the old, unrelatable person who ISN’T on social media”. I’ve made a decision.


I am taking a month. A month to read, evaluate, and get some perspective on the united pharmacy canada kind of leader I want to be. The one who has relationships with their employees because of SM transparency? Or the one who dies on their transparent sword? Can you be transparent without SM in 2012? Are you stronger/weaker because of it?

Is everything I’ve waxed poetically necessarily true? Can I be a relational leader in this day and age and NOT be on social media? If so, how? Will that add a layer of complexity and “extra” to my plate?

Flip it. If you’re NOT involved in social media does that make you less of a leader? What can you do to develop those relationships without it? (It obviously wasn’t a problem some 10 years ago…so it HAS to be true.) But can it work for ME?

It’a lot to think about, right? That’s why I am taking a WHOLE month. Will my whole PLN be there when I get back? Will the “surface” relationships I have through all these avenues fade? What does that say about them? How much do I dedicate to those who may or may not be…worth it. (So harsh!)

It’s going to take more of an effort to keep up with my IRL friends. I might actually have to make REAL canadian pharmacy viagra legal phone calls.


It’s a good month to take a break seeing as how we’ll all be super busy. And I do still plan on blogging. (It’s a prednisone dosing work necessity, :))

I’ll see you in a month. (I hope.)

epiphany seekN,



  1. Vicki bohannon said:

    I’ll miss you.

    December 1, 2012
  2. Usually a bit of distance can help us appreciate that which is important to us. I can imagine it will be difficult though since social media like Twitter is a daily dose of inspiration that’s made a significant difference in the work I’m able to do each day. Glad you’ll still be blogging.

    December 1, 2012
  3. Christina Carrion said:

    The signifigance of SM, is that it allows you to reach and inspire those, that without SM, you would otherwise not be able to. I am not so sure that it is about real or impersonal relationships as much as it is about inspiring social connectedness and positive change… That being said, a sabbatical is a good thing. It is always important to take care of “you” so that you can effectively lead, help and inspire others. AT, you do these and more through SM… Lead on, reach more and keep on keeping on!

    December 1, 2012
  4. Chris Hale said:

    Good luck with this Amber. I took the summer off last year and it took me quite a while to get back to social media (I did maintain email throughout, however). Previously I had used social media as a tool to connect with other educators on a variety of issues related to students and learning, and I thought that getting back into social media would be fairly simple. It turns out I had to think about reconnecting and I was more selective about how I reconnected. I didn’t do a mass delete of my Twitter connections as others have done, but I did consider more what I was reading and who I was reading and learning from/with. My kids still tease me about being on Twitter and reading my Flipboard or Zite pages, but they do see the connections as an important part of my learning.

    December 5, 2012
  5. […] why I’m back! January 3, 2013By Amber TeamannBack in November, I decided to take a social media sabbatical. I really wanted to reevaluate why I was as involved as  I was  online and what my true purpose […]

    January 3, 2013

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