Resources for Parents from my PLN

-300×181.gif” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”181″ />Following are a few resources I believe you will find helpful as a parent of an ever-changing teenager:

  • Penn State University recently did a study about parent/teen relationships and found that teens want more interaction with their parents. During this period in their lives, teens often resist parental assistance and crave for their independence. This is just a part of the developmental stages of life. However, they not only need parental interaction, they actually want it:
  • Did you know failure (making mistakes, trying again) is a natural part of the learning process? As painful as it may be at times, it’s important for us to allow ourselves to make mistakes and even more important to let our students make mistakes. The following article lists three ways parents can let their child make mistakes:
  • There are many methods of communication these days and it’s extremely hard for us to keep up. However, more and more students have turned to social media, such as texting, tweeting, and posting on Facebook to interact with their friends and express themselves. It’s important for us all to help them develop a positive digital footprint. This requires us to monitor their interactions. Following is a neat blog post by a member of my Professional Learning Network about knowing what your kids are tweeting and texting:

I hope you find that these resources are helpful. Until next time…

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