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cc licensed flickr photo by Enkhtuvshin

Refreshed, rejuvenated, revisioning…

Having spent the weekend with school administrators from around BC I am feeling energized and ready to leap back into some of life’s challenges again. It was great to reconnect with folks and to meet some people I’ve only ever known from social networks and blogs. While following the twitter feed at the conference (#bcpvpaconf) I came across this blogpost by Johnny Bevaqua (@jvbevacqua), one of the Principals who’s blog I follow. It was great to read about a library project that is rethinking how we use that kind of space. It was also a good reminder for me that sometimes a blogpost doesn’t need to be about a momentous “aha!”, but can be about relating something exciting we are trying in our schools.

At one of my elementary schools this year we are rethinking how we use our library space, and how we access and interact with texts. We are planning to use tablets and an app like Overdrive media to borrow public library books. Teachers will also be using the devices to plan projects. The ultimate goal is to find a way to access digitized resources from our newly branded District Learning Commons.

Together with teachers and students from the school, community members,  district resource staff and admin from both sites, we have embarked on a journey — one that is uncertain in that we don’t know where it will lead. This makes me nervous, even a little afraid. It’s funny though, because as a teacher this is what I did every day and every lesson. Somehow setting off into the unknown feels a little more risky these days. It’s exciting, and I’m glad to be part of a team. I’m looking forward to documenting the journey here over the next few months.