Taking Your Oxygen

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Every time I get on an air

plane, I am reminded of how important it is for those who are responsible for the well-being of children to take care of themselves first. Anyone has flown a few times knows the routine that flight attendants share before the plane departs. No, I am not talking about being shown how to buckle a seatbelt because I actually find that part a little insulting. The critical point I am referencing is actually about the oxygen masks and if they were ever to be needed during the flight. Here is where the flight crew instructs adults traveling with small children that they should take the oxygen themselves before giving it to their children. While the need for this protocol is quite evident under these circumstances, I think there is a clear message here for caregivers and the fact they will not be able to handle their responsibilities fully if they don’t first take care of themselves.

Continuing with an analogy here, I think that it is imperative for those of us who work in education to make sure that we are putting ourselves first when it comes to our health and wellness. In order to work to our capacity, we need to take our oxygen first. For some of us, our oxygen is routine exercise while for others it might be time for meditation or prayer, or spending quality time with the people you care most about. The outlet that one chooses isn’t really the point other than the fact that you should have some way to replenish your body and catch your breath so that you can be at your best for those who need you…

Enjoy the trip!


  1. Karen said:

    I also like the fact that if we put on our masks, which can look scary, we model to children what they need to do in this situation. Modeling vs.telling them!

    September 22, 2012
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