What Makes a Master Principal?

I recently wrote my thoughts on what make a “master teacher”.  Little is said though about what makes a “master principal”.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I would share an article that I use to guide my practice as a principal.  The qualities listed in this article by Cindi Rigsbee , hang above my office and I try to embody them each day.  Here are the qualities that are listed:

1.  The school is a family.

2. Teachers are treated as professionals.

3.  Instruction in the school is data-driven.

4.  They are student centered.

5. They reach out to families.

6. They have great reservoirs of energy.

7.  They promote school spirit and teamwork.

8.  They develop leaders.

9.  They have good help.

I think that the one quality is missing from this list is the following; they are passionate about what they do.  Without a passion for kids and your “job”, I am not sure how a principal can be truly effective.

I work continuously everyday to strive to meet the qualities above and convey my passion for the job to others.  Are these the same qualities that you expect from your administrators?

Please read the article for more information on each quality.