Transition=TRUST x Transparency


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As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to write a post about my Transition into my new position.
I think the answer is very simple. Transition is equal to T squared. For Transition to be successful there needs to be Transparency ( openness) and Trust.

I have tried to create this culture through leading by example. By no means am I perfect and I am sure as my journey continues I will make mistakes but here are the steps I have taken to help build Trust and Transparency and therefore have an easier/ smoother Transition

1. Send out weekly update emails to the faculty letting them know what I have been up to and how plans for the new school year are proceeding.

2 Created a Faculty blog  to share ideas and encourage open lines of communication

3 Encourage discussion by posting questions on  Google docs

4 Set up face to face meetings with Faculty

I am sure there are other things that can or should be done but for now I have taken these small steps.


  1. Jaime Stacy said:

    I agree with every suggestion you made!

    When I first started out as an administrator, I thought it was best to separate my personal and professional life completely. I was even hesitant to decorate my office with personal items. I did such a good job about keeping my personal and professional lives separate that I came across as cold. Staff members actually felt nervous about approaching me.

    Over time, I have learned to become more transparent and have grown as a leader as a result. The staff memebers I work with enjoy coming in my office and talking about my golf game, the Red Sox, or what I did with my family this weekend. I’m selective about what I share, but I share something…and those I work with trust me because they have gotten to know me, and have made a connection.

    July 17, 2012
  2. Jamie,
    Thank you for your comment. There is that very fine line and to be honest and transparent, I have had the issue to the other extreme, often my faculty feels too close and I need to be more forceful at times. However over the years I think if I had to err in one direction I think being a bit more open and honest has helped me gain that respect and even though it is more difficult to take a hard line it has made it easier when necessary.
    I have also learned there is no one right answer or approach it is often trial and error.
    Thanks for sharing

    July 17, 2012

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