5 under-watched TEDxEDU videos

There are a lot of great educational videos out there. One of the best lists, that I go back to time and again, was built by Alec Couros and it evolved from a blog post to a wiki page: 90+ Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy.

There… is… a… lot… out… there!

As a result, I think some real gems are being missed. Here are 5 Educational TEDx Videos that I think deserve to be paid attention to:

Kim Cofino: Mobile, Connected, Collaborative

Watch it with a group and then either tackle one of the ideas together or break into smaller groups and tackle them all. Kim took the best part of her K12 Online Conference Keynote and delivered it as its’ own presentation. If you don’t think education is changing, you haven’t seen Kim’s insights yet! [Watch on YouTube]

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Diana Laufenberg: How to learn? From mistakes

Diana works at SLA and she brings her curriculum to life! “It was theirs, it was experiential, it meant something to them.” ~ That’s one of many great quotes from this talk that looks at both students and teachers learning from their mistakes in meaningful ways. [Watch on YouTube]

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Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge

Kiran, Director of School Riverside, eloquently delivers this message: “If learning is embedded in a real-world context.. then children go through a journey of ‘aware’, where they can see the change; ‘enable’, be changed; and then ’empower’, lead the change.” ~Wonderful! [Watch on YouTube]

– – –

Chris Kennedy – Students Live! Real-world Learning at the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Games

These student reporters had full access to the games and they delivered real-time news and special interest stories. Chris‘ story is about, “…real world learning, supported by technology, but it was not about the technology at all.” [Watch on YouTube]

– – –

Dan Meyer – Math Curriculum Makeover

Although Dan‘s talk has been viewed far more than the other talks above, I think it has probably made it around Math circles when actually it has wonderful implications for all educators. His 5 suggestions transcend all subject areas! [Watch on YouTube]

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Watch them on your own or as staff… the conversations you have will be rich and rewarding.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a meeting for a 10 to 18 minute video. I put together this 3-Minute Conversation Starter: Let’s Transform Education that I think can do just that… start a conversation about education today. The video is comprised of clips of other videos and both the above YouTube version and my blog post have links to the videos I used clips from, (including 2 of the Tedx videos I share above).

Know of another great must-see video? Please share a link! 🙂

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