GLHS’ Got Talent!

Last weekend was our annual Varsity Varieties Show and it was simply amazing to see all the talent on stage and behind the scenes! The Arts, both visual and performing, are a major aspect of GLHS, helping us to create a positive school brand.

I often talk about our school brand with our students because when we think of a particular company or organization, images, experiences, and observations come to mind that help to create one’s brand. The GLHS Brand not only encompasses the arts, but also academics, attendance, a positive attitude, activities, acts of service, and athletics. Each of these components play an important role in helping students have an enjoyable and rich learning experience at GLHS.  Additionally, each is significant in creating opportunities for us to “educate our students today for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow,” which is our school’s mission statement.  

Varsity Varieties is a way for many talented students to publicly display their passion for the performing arts. It’s a chance for the entire school community and alumni to celebrate GLHS in a very meaningful way. I was thoroughly impressed by the number of diverse acts including solo ballads, heartfelt duets, instrumental performances, hip hop dance routines, comedy, and large choreographed tap dance routines. Furthermore, Varsity Varieties provides a chance for us to get a glimpse of our students’ commitment to social, emotional, and mental development beyond the classroom.

What I most enjoy about the performances is the freedom and joy I see on the students faces. When they are on the stage, they appear to be in their element. They demonstrate a level of confidence that any principal, teacher, or parent should be proud of. Thanks to our entire performing arts department, the stage crew, and student performers for providing three days of quality entertainment! You Make It Matter! Until next time…

Be Great,