My Problem(s) With Educon

As I reflect on my third Educon experience, I feel the need to get a few things off my chest in regards to the conference put on by Mr. Lehmann and his crew at Science Leadership Academy.

  1. The sessions – What’s up with so many great conversations in each time slot? I am used to attending conferences where I struggle to find one quality session in each time slot.
  2. Between the sessions – The conversations between the sessions are better than the actual sessions at most conferences. As I speak with other conference goers about the sessions they attended, I hear one positive review after another which leads me too…
  3. The other conference attendees – What’s up with your focus on education? It’s the weekend for Pete’s sake! Why do you continue to engage me in these meaningful conversations and keep me thinking about how we can create more meaningful learning experiences for students? In the hall, on the walk back to my hotel, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner – C’mon get a life!
  4. The Conference Staff – OK, it’s bad enough that I may be disorganized, but having a conference staff that can predict the future is a bit much me thinks.  I was polite when the young man gave me an extra boarding pass, but I decided to be polite since he was only a high school student. What a waste of paper I thought to myself…until my moment of anxiety in Terminal E. Nicely played Mr. Kessler!
  5. The Brain Pain – By lunch on Sunday my mind was on overload. You have given me five conferences worth of ideas to bring back to my school community.  How do you expect me to go to work on Monday?

In all sincerity, thanks to Chris Lehmann and the staff, students, and parents for another great experience at SLA! You have a special place and we are fortunate that you share it with us annually.  I know that the energy and passion that so many felt this past weekend will be carried back to their respective schools as we all continue our efforts to provide more meaningful learning experiences for our students!

I am looking forward to Educon 2.5 already!

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  1. I completely agree. Yesterday was a killed as I tried to energize a very tired brain!

    What a great weekend, however, full of great people and interesting ideas! The only problem was the number of people that I know were there that I never saw. Too many things going on at once!

    January 31, 2012
  2. Completely agree with this Patrick,

    I only learned about #educon in November. I didn’t know what to expect. I was completely overwhelmed the entire weekend. The conversations were amazing. The participants were amazing. Jeff and the EduConcierge team was amazing.

    I have already started to implement the Chalk Talk session with my students ( What a great time.

    Thank you Chris for everything that SLA provided to us.

    Looking forward to next year.

    Jeff Bradbury

    January 31, 2012
  3. Patrick, I was certainly impressed by my first Educon. I have to say that, while there were many positive aspects, what makes the conference so good is the quality of the participants. The SLA team has done such an excellent job of attracting forward thinking educators. The top thinking consultants and practitioners all come out for this event. Pretty amazing considering that everyone pays to attend. It was also refreshing to speak with so many visionary principals who are passionate about innovation and education that is relevant for today’s students.

    February 1, 2012

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