God Bless the Freaks

This thing of beauty came through my network yesterday:

Which reminded me of the one sticker on my truck:

Truly! I have always aspired towards, and secretly yearned to be a freak…but…because I know I am not one, I can’t be one. You can’t fake freak-dom. Believe me, I’ve tried.  I don’t have “it.”  I am, well, pretty “standard.” Status Quo baby! Not a lot of original thoughts from this guy… I’ll thank my PLN and personal list of freaks for that!

The freaks I am talking about are the poets who don’t know it, the courageous, the audacious and dauntless ones, the one’s who live outside the box, the one’s who let their collective, “freak flags fly”. The “pholks” that just don’t exactly “phit.” In my current apprenticeship as a high school administrator, TED presenter, Derek Sivers would describe me as, “the first follower…who turns a lone nut into a leader.”

I’m drawn to the lone nuts. I want to read their stories, listen to their music, try to understand their points of view, see their visions, walk alongside ‘em, just because it’s so  damn interesting. It’s probably why I’m starting to breathe a sigh of relief when I see educators assessing for learning style and varying intelligences, (thanks,Howard G…you’re on my freak list!). Heck, we are even thinking seriously about letting students be more in charge of their own learning.  And, while I get why we need standards, I am not really interested in standard kids…standard educators…standard schools…standard leaders. Let’s be extraordinary!

And this week, when this extraordinary leader left our midst, I’m thinking…

God Bless the Freaks 🙂



  1. Donna Watt said:

    Beautiful post, thank you. I, too, count myself as a first follower. Sadly. How I wish I was a freak.

    There can be almost equal value in the following, though. The ones who recognize freakdom, who can see its true value and contextualize it for others. Maybe that’s our role? We carry the freaks on our shoulders and elevate them for the appreciation of the masses. At least, that’s what I hope we do.

    Oh, how he will be missed.

    October 8, 2011

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