A Leadership Stumbleupon in the Recycling Bin

A Leadership “Stumbleupon” in My Recycling Bin

I stumbled upon the 5 C’s of patient care in an old physiotherapy journal (2003) that my wife was recycling…a real life stumbleupon! . I immediately thought…this works for the educational leader, too!

  • Have Charisma

Be charismatic; let your staff know that you are passionate about what you do!

  • Exude Confidence

The more confident you are the greater your staff will trust in the decisions and directions you take.

  • Convince Them

Convince your staff that you clearly know and understand not only policy/protocol, but also your knowledge and understanding of 21st century pedagogy.

  • Have Compassion

Be compassionate and allow your staff to communicate with you. Listen with all your heart and soul!

  • Care

Genuinely Care. Create relationships with your staff just like you hope your staff creates with their learners!


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  1. Innovations in Online Education, Inc. said:

    WOrks for me too!… ANd by the way, thansk for re-cycling! Fred De Sena VP IOE, Inc.

    September 9, 2011

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