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Moments ago, I sent the following e-mail to the faculty with whom I have the privilege to work and learn everyday – the Junior High faculty at Westminster. I am genuinely excited to learn what they might suggest for faculty meetings and other professional-learning opportunities. Certainly, with their help, our opportunities will be better and more well-suited for us all!

Dear JH:

I need your input and contributions! Our entire JH needs your input and contributions! You are amazing professionals who are devoted to the career of teaching and learning. More than anyone, you have superb ideas about what you want to be learning professionally. You know what you need regarding “corporate professional learning” time – our faculty meetings and in-services. You are surely thinking about your goals…and you think, “If Bo would just do x at a faculty meeting, it would really help me accomplish my goal and better serve student learning!”

WE ARE SMARTER THAN ME! Rather than me individually thinking and planning for our learning time together in faculty meetings and in-services, I would like for many people to contribute to that thinking and planning. I have set up a Google Doc for us to use together to suggest meeting topics, particular content, specific pedagogies, what’s-worked-in-the-past, interesting professional questions you have, etc. [I am asking now in case I need to secure a speaker/facilitator, begin a set of action steps, etc.]

[I inserted Google Doc link here!]

If for some reason, you have any trouble on Google Docs, just email me your suggestions (I will paste them into the Google Doc). But PLEASE try the Google Doc first!

Together, our JH professional learning community can brainstorm, idea-exchange, and contribute to the form and function of JH faculty meetings and other corporate learning opportunities. You have a voice about how our meetings should be, and I hope you will exercise that voice.




  1. This would be my suggestion. I believe we can be of help regarding home instruction, remedial, and supplpemental courses to add to an exisitng course framework, as well as offering students 21st century skills. This would facilitate student and parent engagement, improve district metrics,turn around a failing student before gradutation, etc. It may also make possible advanced courses that due to budget cannot be offered :

    IOE Lunch & Learn
    “Innovative Partnerships that offer premium programming and are cost effective”

    “Given the significant reduction in state support for public education, compounded by the fact institutions need to maintain quality programs, we are going to see additional innovative attempts at partnerships that will address both issues of being able to provide cost-efficient programs that are high quality.”- David Hurley, AASCU

    IOE facilitates districts’ moving beyond traditional boundaries toward 21st century innovations that maintain high quality programs and reduce costs, while advancing “21st century skills for 21st century students.”

    Find out how at an IOE sponsored Lunch & Learn session for you and your colleagues. Call us at 973.726.0820 /

    Thank you and if I can be of further help please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards Fred

    July 27, 2011
  2. I offer this as another option. Attending the “140edu conference – Exploring the state of NOW” scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd at the New York City 92nd street Y. Check out the roster of speakers and subjects. I am including all the infomration for your convenience.

    This important conference will schedule short easy to digest 15 minute lectures and dialogues on technology, engagement and more. Several regional schools and their districts will be represented. I would like to highlight that New Milford New Jersey’s own Eric Sheninger, Principal NMHS is scheduled for a short lecture on “School Improvement-One Character at a Time”. Eric is an accessible individual who has adopted a worthwhile approach to using social media as a professional tool. His insights will broaden any vista into this aspect of their 21st century world.

    At a recent #140conf it was said that “in 1920 being illiterate meant not being able to read or write. In 2010 being illiterate means not knowing how to surf the net.” If this is a subject that is relegated to “sitting on the fence” wouldn’t attending this conference be great for getting it off of the fence and into the yard. I ask you to join us and to make your presence known – say Hello!

    I am enclosing the following link and registration info for your convenience:

    At #140edu we have a great lineup of topics being explored. The conference schedule ( ) continues to get updated and I’m looking forward to a great discussion over August 2nd and 3rd.

    The cost is only $1.40 for educators to attend. The cost for students is: $15 and for everyone else just $140. (To receive the discount make sure to use the educator promo code : edu11.)

    Please don’t forget August/September are “IOE: Lunch & Learn” months. Be sure to contact me to schedule an informative Lunch & Learn session on “maintaining and improving quality programs, “21st century skills for 21st century students”, all while working “within the budget”.

    I look forward to seeing and greeting you at the 140edu conference where we may speak further.

    Much Kind Regards and Best Wishes for a Grand Summer!!!!

    Fred and Laura DeSena VP and P / IOE, Inc.

    July 27, 2011
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    July 27, 2011
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