Hope To See You At The #140edu Conference in New York

Thanks to the efforts of Jeff Pulver and Chris Lehmann, the first-ever #140edu Conference will take place in New York City on August 2 and 3.  There is a fantastic slate of speakers lined up including: Connected Principal’s own  Eric Sheninger,  #edchat founders Shell Terrell, Tom Whitby, and Steve Anderson, and many other amazing educators.

The statement from the #140edu site sums up the goal of this event clearly:

“The changes in the way we live our lives must create change in the way we teach and learn. The real-time web should create profound changes in the way we think about what, how and why students and teachers can do, create and communicate. The very nature of what we consider “school” should be radically different given the powerful reach of the communicate tools our students have at their disposal. #140edu is dedicated to exploring and expanding that change.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation about how we can change education for all students!

Educators can register on-line here.



  1. We look forward to the convention and meeting our friends and colleagues. Professor DeSena Author: (Preventing Plagiarism / President IOE) will be in attendance and available to answer any questions. This is an important seminar and a chance for those that are open minded and considering their technology enhancing educational options to “take the plunge.” For those that are interested IOE offers free consultation regarding online solutions for your applications. Including but not limited to home instruction, summer remedial programs, and in school online courses that supplement an existing course framework and can be taken during or after normal school sessions. All our course are hosted live in the classroom with a statae certified content specialist. We look forward to seeing everyone Fred and Laura

    July 18, 2011

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