Let’er rest…

Not even out of school for a week and my mind is already churning for the next school year. We have so much happening in our state right now, as I think most do, concerning budgets, time tables, paradigm shifts. Hard to pause when there’s so much left to be done in the year.

I had an interesting conversation with my principal this weekend about our scores, ranking, and plans for the next year. We were rated “Recognized” from the state, which is like a B. Last year we were Exemplary,which is like an A. We were 1, ONE, percentage point away from the Exemplary rating. One kid, on one subject matter test separated us from that highest of ratings.

I realize that we are working within a system that needs help. Any standardized testing system is going to have its flaws, for the myriad of reasons we could all list. The reality is it is still what and how we are rated and ranked. Do we, as a campus, take pride in the fact that we increased our technology integration ten fold this year? Do we take pride in the $$$ we raised for the family that lost its father or the students that lost their home in a fire?  Or the sock hop that was an AMAZING night, even including a live ’50’s cover band?

Of course we do. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t also diminish the fact that we want to be BETTER next year. That a “B” isn’t what we’re capable of, or that we are on a level below the campuses that scored above us. Fact is, we should have rated higher. As great of a year as we had, we all left with an icky taste in our mouth.

It’s a delicate balance between wanting to be THE most successful and still be the kinda school that doesn’t care about tests.Anybody have a magic bullet about that??

balanceN actR,




  1. Wow- same story here! After several years of being exemplary we also had a commended category at 24% instead of 25% so for the next 2 years we sit recognized only… sadly all the amazing things we do will fall behind changes they will make next year 🙁

    June 27, 2011
    • Hard NOT to care, but then you feel silly for caring…so you don’t care, and then there’s all the surrounding pressure to care. Sigh. It’s exhausting!

      June 27, 2011

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