Teachers are a Work of Art

On Facebook I asked my friends what they thought made a good teacher.  Here are some of the comments:

  • a good teacher is one who knows what is REALLY going on with your child…way too much of that DOESN’T exist today..
  • good teacher is when your child wants to go to their class…and they actually learn something.
  • A good teacher never stops learning and he/she knows how to bring laughter to the classroom.
  • yes of course patience, and compassion
  • Good teachers do not have to work at being good, they know how to be good and are willing to learn how to be even better!

I do believe a good teacher is a work of art and I am often left humbled in their shadow.

In my opinion a good teacher

  1. can’t imagine doing anything else…to be a teacher is a calling
  2. differentiates instruction with gifted expertise and real data
  3. engages all types of learners big and small
  4. builds relationships with all
  5. has patience with others and the process of learning
  6. puts their students first as if they were their own children
  7. provides a safe environment physically, emotionally and spiritually
  8. thrives on challenges and in fact hungers for them
  9. is a life-long learner
  10. knows how to laugh