Welcome Back Teachers

I return to open my school office in 3 days and my teachers will follow.   It is important  to me that they feel welcomed back, supported and energized for the task ahead.  I want them to know that they fulfill the most important role in student success and that I care about them and their individual needs.  This is an easy task because it is the truth.

Tasks to accomplish the above:

  • *Welcome letter to teachers sent to their home that is warm and carries the district message of tasks ahead (request a photo from their summer and show at first meeting)
  • *Opening meeting that includes edible treats and time to socialize
  • *Make a point to visit with each staff member, ask about family, summer travels, and be a good listener
  • *Try a favorite listening techniques which is called heart to heart, position your body so that your heart is directly pointing towards the heart of the person talking and listen with your heart
  • *Make each teacher feel special with  time and presence, because they are special
  • *Introduce any new staff members and connect them with a big brother or big sister (create a new staff member orientation tour and packet)
  • *The staff meeting before school will set the tone for the year so keep it light, fun and full of humor
  • *Use technology for inspirational You Tube movies or ones you create in iMovie
  • *The opening message should be one of hope and celebrating the successes of the previous year and not the time to shame or blame
  • *Give a welcome back gift of a T-shirt, CD with favorite playlist…(be creative)
  • *Make them laugh and they will follow you