Cave Woman versus Human Spirit

I learned very little or next to nothing about how to be a leader while in graduate school.  What I have learned since is as a human being I have two parts.  One part is the human animal and the other part is the human spirit.  I use to just think I was losing my mind when I would behave or say things that were not a reflection of how I was raised.  Thanks to Allison Armstrong the creator of “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women” I learned the purpose of the human animal is survival and operates from instinct or 40,000 years of DNA.  I know when I am operating from instinct because I experience fear, scarcity, competition and glee.  Glee being a sense of “ got ya!” Not a good place to be as I walk into a staff meeting, parent conference or address a discipline issue.  The purpose of my human spirit is to fulfill life and enhance life.  At the level of human spirit I will make choices that fell easy, smooth, happy, intimate, connected, generous, powerful and in partnership.  I am connected to the other human beings that I am engaged and working with.  This is the first step in leadership.  I will shift from cave woman to spirit.