Just like the kids!

It was exciting today to offer a group of colleagues a technology tool for exploration, experimentation and most importantly experiential learning for professional growth and a focused purpose.  In my observation, adults can be just like the kids!   Hand them a piece of technology and watch them play, ask questions and begin to learn.  For the most part, curiousity and inquisitiveness bubbles to the surface, especially when you have others nearby to share in your experience.

The rationale for giving the twenty participants on the HWDSB 21st Century Fluencies Advisory Committee an eReader is to bring a focus on our learning through the use of a piece of technology.  It’s about an intentional blend of learning with a device and as the chair of the committee, my hope is that we have engaged and intrigued members on many fronts.

The beginning of our learning road map will focus on these intial goals:

  • To engage  in dialogue around professional reading including face to face and web 2.0 methods
  • To provide an opportunity to experience reading through an eReader
  • To augment professional reading pertaining to the 21st-century fluencies and teaching and learning in the digital age
  • To increase awareness of reading materials available for loan from the HWDSB, the Hamilton Public Library, and for purchase from various locations
  • To discuss the experience of using eReaders for professional learning
  • To dialogue openly about our learning experience
  • To discuss the teaching and learning potential of the device as it relates to student and staff engagement and learning

Posted on our wiki, committee members were left with a list of six things to do in preparation for a hands-on learning session at the end of May.  At that time, we will also select our initial texts for shared reading and review guiding questions. It’s going to be interesting to see how each committee member internalizes the use of an eReader as a tool for individual as well as group learning.   More posts to come!  I welcome your advice, comments, resources and experiences.


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  1. Hi, Connected Principals! I am currently enrolled in a doctorate in ed leadership + principal/superintendent licensure program and I find this alarming: in my program all of the textbooks that are chosen, none of them so far (end of year 2) touched upon English Learners, the fastest growing demographic in the United States K-12 schools. No course is dedicated to ELs, no specific reading is dedicated to ELs, nothing. I know that the world does not revolve around ELs, however, why do we keep producing more and more administrators that don’t know how to advocate for this growing demographic? How about you? Do you wish you had some training in advocacy, effective assessment, curriculum, instruction and programming for ELs? If didn’t get it, where do you go to find it? Are ELs on the radar in your schools? Am I exaggerating the need for admininistrator preparation in the area of English Learners?

    By the way, if you want resources, follow me on Twitter EllBillofRights or my Facebook page Educators of English Learners EEL.

    I would love to hear your thoughts,


    May 3, 2011

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