What is an EPSE?

Public schooling has been under attack recently.  The view of the public school teacher has been negatively portrayed in the media lately. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro reform in public schools, but I am pro informed reform!  As a principal and teacher I see the daily work and care my teachers pour into their students and I think it’s time we school leaders promote some deserved recognition and appreciation.

I am blessed to work in a school district that has a proactive superintendent who is an advocate for best practices, students, teachers, and public schooling.  My superintendent, Dr. Jeff Swensson, recently wrote and article in the Indianapolis Star that inspired me to write this post and share his article.  Please take 5 minutes to read his article here: EPSE Awards

I agree with what Dr. Swensson said, “I recommend that each of us takes a moment to award an EPSE. What will be the result when you send your e-mail, make that phone call or have a brief conversation to present an EPSE?”

Leaders, get involved in promoting a positive pat on the back for your teachers in your community!  I hope the following creation can help you get started!  I have created a certificate that parents and students could fill out and give to their teacher to say thank you!  You can access it here: EPSE AWARD CERTIFICATE FORM —– CERTIFICATE (NOT IN FORM MODE)

Please feel free to share this!  My hope is that this helps build on Dr. Swensson’s idea and that we can spread some love and appreciation, as well as a positive perception, toward our public school teachers who work hard to make our students successful!

Original Photo Credit: Jeff the Trojan; Manipulated by Chris Atkinson

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  1. Jill Geiser said:


    Your post here made me think about how to go further with this. Not long ago, I was talking with my assistant principal about giving more praise to teachers. We discussed that while praise and saying “good job” is great to provide that acknowledgment, what I believe educators look for is the result of their work. Effectiveness can be seen in many subtle ways. It can be as simple as watching a student, who functions below grade level, grasp an idea he/she has been struggling with, or after months of work to engage an at-risk student, seeing that student attend class and try.

    I know the educators in my building see these things everyday and I have been thinking about how to highlight them more with the staff. My school is in a high-poverty area (95% of student qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch) so these kinds of results are very important. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see them in the midst of busy school days. I like the idea of the certificate. I am thinking about how to use this to go beyond the “good job” and bring out the impact of their work on our students’ lives.

    Good post – Thank you for provoking my thinking!


    March 6, 2011

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