Please Help Connected Principals Kickoff NTCamp Burlington

I am excited to have a panel of Connected Principals kicking off NTCamp Burlington on Saturday morning.  It will be great to spend the day with Larry Fliegelman, Lyn Hilt, and Eric Juli as Burlington High hosts our area’s first unconference.

As always, the Connected Principals would like to connect with other educators to enrich our discussion.  Our panel will start with the following:

  1. The role of the administrator in connecting with new teachers and administrators.  will discuss
  2. How should administrators promote new and emerging technologies and innovative lessons?
  3. How should administrators build connections within his or her school?

We would also love your questions and/or issues you would like our panelists to address, so please leave them here.   You can watch the Connected Principals Panel live here on Saturday at 9:15 a.m.


  1. Patrick asked:
    How should administrators promote…innovative lessons?

    Interesting question, Patrick—-and one that I think the majority of traditional principals struggle with because (1). they don’t get into classrooms to actually teach very often, leaving their skills as rusty as their definition of “innovative lessons” and (2). like middle managers, they’re constantly stuck between the need to produce the outcomes expected by those above them and the desire to promote practices that we’d all describe as “innovative.”

    Now, I’m not sure what the solution to either of these challenges is—-or if they’re solutions that principals can implement on their own—simply because I don’t work in your role. CAN principals find more time in their schedules to teach regular lessons, or are the demands of the position such that freeing up that time is hard to come by?

    CAN principals push back against the rigid and underinformed requirements dropped on schools from above that are impacting innovation in our classrooms, or would that jeopardize their own positions with their supervisors?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is maybe a principal’s inability to encourage innovation is more of a result of the constraints that they’re working in than it is a result of their own actions.

    Any of this make sense?

    February 26, 2011

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