#Educon Anticipation

Educon has finally arrived, and I know many attendees are eagerly anticipating the learning experiences that await, whether making the trip to the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia to attend in person, or through attending virtually.

So, just what is Educon?  “Educon 2.3 is both a conversation and a conference.” While the infusion of technology will of course be discussed, Educon is not a technology conference, but rather an event where those who are interested in discussing the future of learning and educational innovation can come together to share ideas.

This is the first year I will be attending Educon, so I honestly can’t speak from experience about what to expect. Liz Davis wrote a great post detailing how to get the most out of the weekend’s experiences. Bud Hunt has asked us to preflect on our Educon experiences, which is what I hope to do here, as well as highlight some of the conversations that our Connected Principals contributors will be facilitating.

I had the privilege of attending #edcampNYC in December, which was my first opportunity to meet so many of the inspiring educators in my connected learning network. This is hands-down the reason why I am most excited for Educon. Did you ever notice how personalities are able to shine through on Twitter? How you can get a feel for the kind of person someone is by reading his blog posts? The network of people that will gather this weekend at Educon are joined in a common purpose: to work to improve educational experiences for our children in innovative ways. I can only imagine that engaging in face-to-face professional conversations with these fine educators will be as rewarding as our online interactions.

Taking a look at the Educon sessions schedule, I am fairly certain I will be pushed right out of my comfort zone in some of these conversations. That’s what this weekend is all about: extending our thinking… re-imagining… learning and unlearning… making us a little dizzy, yet determined to make a difference.

George Couros and Patrick Larkin will lead a discussion entitled How can we get more connected principals?, a session that explores leading change movements in our schools through the use of social media and connected learning. Eric Sheninger‘s 180° change conversation details the importance of schools embracing, not banning, new technologies to facilitate learning for students. I am completely humbled to take part in a conversation led by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach which explores gender diversity issues in the educational technology realm. Panel members, who include inspiring educators Karl Fisch, Pam Moran, Alec Couros, Kathy Cassidy, and Will Richardson will provide insights into how we can collectively address the issue. I know I’m not alone in trying to decide just how to fit every session I want to attend into my schedule!

Whether able to attend Educon in person or tuning in virtually, your learning is sure to be limitless. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s tweets and reflections from this sure-to-be amazing experience!

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