The Feedback of Failure

I saw the following tweet from Chasity Beatty and wanted to share a few thoughts:


The simple answer is this; yes, there is failure. But in all failure, there can be feedback if we choose to look for it.

Sometimes failure can teach us that we need to tweak things and get better.

For example, the other day, I had a terrible run. I got up and put in the effort, but I could tell you that my eating habits the night before had an impact on my run that morning. I did my run, it was not good, and from that failure, I learned something.

This adaptation from the Demetri Martin image highlights this idea:

Sometimes failure goes beyond tweaks.

We can put all of our efforts into something over time, and it does not get better or improve, but the feedback is shouting, “You need to do something different.” Sometimes failure isn’t about subtle shifts in our journey but taking an entirely different direction to a different destination.

My focus has always been more on developing “resiliency” rather than focusing on failure, but it doesn’t mean that failure exists, and it doesn’t always mean that we can’t love it or hate it. Recognizing that failure is only final if we choose not to get back up. But getting back up doesn’t mean staying on the same path. Figuring out the direction after the failure is the feedback.

Source: George Couros