Is it transformative to the learner?

A teacher was sharing a story about a student in her grade one class that had struggled with reading. One thing she tried was providing a student an iPad to read texts, and because of the ability to enlarge the text, all of a sudden, the student was reading. More importantly, the student was enjoying reading.

A couple of things:

1. Whatever medium a student reads on is an excellent medium. Many students in our world have never known a world without iPhones or iPads and yet would prefer to read a book on a paper copy.  That is awesome! But some prefer to read books through a digital medium. Whatever the child needs to succeed is where we begin.

2. Although shifting from paper to a digital medium seems like only “substitution” of technologies, it made all of the difference to the student.  The question when trying something new with or without technology should be simply this; “Is it transformative to the learner?” The teacher, in this case, tried something new, and it made all of the difference to this student.

That is a win in my books, whether that book is paper or digital.

Source: George Couros