A Reminder for When Others Seem Resistant to Change

This is something I have heard (and have said in the past) people say quite often:

Our people are just not moving fast enough!

This can take other forms as well, such as “people are resistant to change,” etc.

Here is something that I think to help ground me in this thinking.  Some people thought I was not moving fast enough in certain areas.  An example of this was my brother getting on my case to start a blog to share my learning.  He was doing it longer than I was, and he saw the benefits, and to him, I might have seemed slow to embrace the opportunity.  Now I can’t imagine not blogging as it has shaped my learning.

I remind people that there are things you do currently that are your norm that you swore you would never do or you didn’t see the value.  This is an important reminder for a couple of reasons;

1. It reminds us that we grew at a pace that worked for us at the time.

2. It reminds us that others are on their own journey.

Let’s recognize that all learners (including the adults) are on different journeys, and as long as they are moving forward, whatever that pace might look like, they are on the right path. 

Many people were patient with my pace, and I need to be patient with theirs.

Source: George Couros