With the Support of Others

From Wikipedia:

Derek Anthony Redmond (born 3 September 1965) is a retired British athlete. During his career, he held the British record for the 400 metres sprint, and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres relay at the World Championships and European Championships.[1]

I don’t know what brought me back to the story of Derek Redmond, but it is not because of a race he won, but a race in which he finished dead last.

Watch this video from the 1992 Olympics, which is still my favorite Olympic moment ever.

Who is cutting onions over here?!?! It is so emotional when Redmond gets back up, but when his dad comes on the track to help him, that is the world. No matter how old or accomplished a person is, they are always someone else’s child. That is something I think about all of the time.

A few other things I love about this video:

1. I can’t tell you who won the race, but I still remember Derek Redmond. Sometimes finishing the race is one of the most powerful things we can do.

2. When tough times come, support from loved ones can mean the world. Look for people in your life who want you to succeed, and are there when you stumble. Do the people in your life kick you or cheer when you are down or are they there to help you get back up?

3. This story is almost 30 years old, and I still remember it. This is a reminder that our stories of dealing with adversity are ones that can resonate with others for a lifetime.

Just something I wanted to share with others and revisit myself.

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Source: George Couros