Beyond Finding Information

This is a short and funny video to help discussion on the type of learning we are seeing in our world today:

What I stress about the video is that it is less about finding information and more about what you do with it.

But, what a lot of people argue is that you can’t google everything and it is essential that we develop our knowledge, in which I 100% agree. The idea that technology gets rid of the “basics” is ridiculous; it is more about going beyond those basics and doing more than you could without access to endless information.

Katie Martin says it beautifully in her book, “Learner Centred Innovation“:

Yes, we can “google” answers, but that practice alone won’t make connections or promote a deep level of understanding of any information.  Learners will have to do that for themselves, and as Katie shares, educators are central to that work.

Source: George Couros