During this time of year many people reflect on the past and look towards future goals.  I thought I would reflect a bit on the past and look towards the future as well.

For me personally 2010 was a year filled with a lot of new and exciting things:
• I starting using Twitter in a very significant way
• I started a blog
• Joined Connected Principals
• Presented for a Elluminate Session for Connected Principals
• Developed a PLN
• Became a member of EDU PLN as well as YU2.0

Now I ask myself what is next what goals can I set for myself for 2011? Goals are important and we need to have them but we also have to careful not to take on too much. There is a famous Yiddish saying that I am often reminded of when life throws you a curve ball and that is, “Man plans and G-D laughs”.

Therefore as I posted the other day  on my posterous blog ( that my goal for 2011 is Just Do It! Meaning take one or two things that I am passionate about; perhaps assessments, grading, or differentiated instruction and take my ideas and make them into a reality. If I could accomplish that one in goal in the next 12 months I would feel like I really accomplished something and brought about at least on a small scale some real change which had a positive effect on student learning.
As many others have said perhaps the best way for change to take place is when it takes place one school, or perhaps one division or even one grade level at a time.

Wishing you all only success in the New Year


  1. Shannon said:

    Akevy, Nice post! A positive change taking place for one teacher has a ripple effect — a more positive and engaged classroom full of learners this year and then next and then the next and so on … A small bit of change added to another small bit grows and tips the scale eventually. I agree, go for it 😉


    January 5, 2011
  2. Brian Kuhn said:

    Akevy, I couldn’t agree more. I’m as guilty as the next person in taking on too much, too many lofty goals. Then I get frustrated when things don’t progress as expected. I wrote a post yesterday “Why?” that ponders this further but even then, some of the initiatives that come our way can’t be avoided. So, I wonder, how do we focus in more while still being successful in “everything” we have to be? Hmmm…


    January 5, 2011
  3. Kyle Timms said:


    I agree with your goal to “just do it” – and respect your reference back to the classic Nike commercials.

    My wife challenged me the other day to this:

    What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? – Do it.

    For me this year, I will start a blog of my own thoughts, and take on a new administrative role where I’ll be challenged and stretched.

    January 5, 2011
    • Kyle
      Thanks for the comment.
      I wish you luck with your new position.
      Let’s touch base in a year and hopefully we could share our success stories of how and what we did

      Best of Luck

      January 5, 2011
  4. Vince Gagne said:

    Great post Akevy!

    I’m a virtual newbie to all this. My goal for this year is to be as connected as possible this year and to learn the dos and don’ts of being “out there”. Like you I don’t want to bite too much at a time. I have set my own personal goals and hope that my Board’s goals will allow me to get out and then stay connected. As Shannon said, one small change that we make may ripple to bigger changes down the line.

    Have a great year!


    January 5, 2011
  5. Cirlei said:

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    July 4, 2012

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