Master Teacher, Master Learner

The comment below is one I received from a teacher on the “Innovator’s Instagram Book Study” going on right now:

For some reason, I burst into tears.

To know someone has been in the profession for 37 years and is still pushing themselves to grow is a testament to so many great educators who do way more for kids and learning than they will ever be given credit.

I have challenged this myth that as teachers get older in their career, they are more likely to be adverse to change or try something new and once all the new teachers come into the profession, they will bring all these great ideas.  I know many teachers like Tammy that are later into their career (shoutout to Marilyn Stork who has been a mentor for me since my first day of teaching!), and they have disproven that over and over again.

Kudos to Tammy and every teacher in their first, last, or any year in between, that continually strive to get better no matter where they are in their career.

Source: George Couros