Are you focusing on the race or the training?

I have run a few marathons in my life in what seems like an eternity ago. They are as much a challenge to the mind as they are the body as any negative thought that you might have will creep into your head on a long run.

After completing a marathon, someone said to me, “I can’t believe that you ran a marathon…That seems incredibly hard.” My response at the time was that the marathon was easy; the training was arduous.  Because I trained so hard and consistently, by the time I hit the race, it was much easier than it looked.  It wasn’t easy overall, but preparation led to me being successful, not merely showing up on race day.

This is something that I do my best to remind people of when jealousy creeps in because they feel someone accomplished something because they are just a “natural.”  The reality is that we often see the race,  not the training.

I have written about 1500 blog posts, a book, and over 100,000 tweets, yet am known for a handful of quotes over the past ten years of writing in this blog.  The reason people know those few quotes are because I have stayed consistent with my writing.

When I see someone that I perceive as having immense success, I don’t assume anything. I do my best to connect and ask them questions on what they have done to get to the point that they are at and where they hope to go.

Don’t think someone just showed up to success. Ask them about the training to get to that point.

One of my favorite quotes:

Source: George Couros