Immersed in the Present With an Eye on the Future

A good friend of mine and a tremendous leader reached out to me and asked me a question to share my thinking on, “What’s next?”

Knowing they already do incredible work I encouraged him to not think about “What’s next?” but to focus on what they are working on now and doing it well.

Too often, we get caught up thinking about the future that we lose focus on how fantastic and essential our present is currently. I am guilty of this, personally and professionally.  Years ago someone told me to “stop and smell the roses before the roses are gone” and I think about that conversation often.  I am working on it but have so much room to grow.

“Moving forward” is not always about “the next thing” but can be about your current place and taking it to the next and a deeper level.

Less is sometimes more.


Source: George Couros