Starting With Positive Assumptions

Assumptions can cause a lot of issues in the work that is done by educators.  They can be used as a detriment or to your advantage.

Think of these negative assumptions.

Parents don’t want education to be any different than their experience.

Teachers don’t want to change.

Students don’t want to learn.

Starting with these assumptions, even when you might see a bit of evidence to support it, will not lead to anything positive in helping people move forward.

But what if we started with these assumptions?

Parents want what is best for their children and need to experience and see something different than what they had in school.

Teachers want to serve students, but they need a deeper understanding of why they should change or shift their practice.

Students want to learn, but they also need to feel their strengths and current abilities are valued.

The shift here is that we start with assuming positive when helping people move forward, but we also take ownership of our actions and thoughts to help them create something better.

Assume the worst, and you will probably find it whether it is true or not.  Start with assuming positive intent, and you are more likely to serve someone in leading to positive action.

Source: George Couros