The Most Important Element to Innovation in Education

What is the most crucial element to innovation in education?


That’s it.

Take care of the people that you serve.

Develop them.

Feed their mind and soul.

Build trust in a culture of competitive-collaboration where we both push and support one another, and you can have one of the most innovative schools/organizations in the world.

No program, technology, idea, or anything else will ever be as important to what you do in schools as the people in front of you.  Those things can support innovation, but they will not make it happen on their own. People will.

Many schools have done amazing things with a lack of resources because they focused on creating an abundance in their people first, and saw the “stuff” as a very distant second.

If we want to create new and better learning opportunities for our students, you will have to always be full-throttle on serving your people, no matter your position.

Source: George Couros