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Instagram is one of the biggest social networks in the world, and it’s visual component make it a platform that many people are interested in using.  As I have used it for most personal reasons, I wanted to see if it would be an excellent place to further my own learning and network with others.  This gave me the idea of doing a book study on my book, “The Innovator’s Mindset,” starting July 2 and going until July 18.

The goal is to go through a chapter a day and share learning through some visual medium.  Each day I will try to post at least a one minute video on a critical thought or reading from each chapter in order and will pose a question that you can either answer in the comments on my post, or on your post.

Each day of the book study (or as you see fit), participants will be asked to share a reflection in some form on what they have read. It can be a video that they talk or share something, a visual they create, or whatever you can think of that can be represented through Instagram like a “Booksnap” (information on that from Tara Martin here).

There are many ways you can share your learning through Instagram, so please do not limit it to my suggestions.

Each day of the book study, I encourage participants to do the following.

  1. Share your post to the hashtag #InnovatorsMindset and the applicable chapter reading.  For each chapter, the second hashtag will be the following:

    Intro – #InnovatorsMindsetIntro
    Chapter 1 – #InnovatorsMindsetCH1
    Chapter 2 – #InnovatorsMindsetCH2
    Chapter 3 – #InnovatorsMindsetCH3

    (Continued for all 14 chapters)

    Each post should have #InnovatorsMindset AND the appropriate chapter hashtag. You can share any other hashtags that you see fit for the process as well.

  2. Tag me (@gcouros) on the post on Instagram.  I will do my best to see as many as possible and comment.  You are more than welcome to follow me on Instagram as well, but my account is open, so you do not necessarily have to do so.
  3. Write as much as little or as much as you want in the subject line on your reflection.
  4. Feel free to use the story feature to share your learning as well.

*Please note that if your account is private only people that follow you will be able to see what you share.

This process is new to me as well, but I want to try something different to see how this impacts my learning and ultimately, what doors does this open for learning in the classroom.  Bear with me as I learn through the process as well.

The dates for the reading are the following:

Date Chapter
July 2, 2018 Introduction
July 3, 2018 Chapter 1
July 4, 2018 Chapter 2
July 5, 2018 Chapter 3
July 6, 2018 Chapter 4
July 7, 2018 Chapter 5
July 8, 2018 Chapter 6
July 9, 2018 Chapter 7
July 10, 2018 Chapter 8
July 11, 2018 Chapter 9
July 12, 2018 Chapter 10
July 13, 2018 Chapter 11
July 14, 2018 Chapter 12
July 15, 2018 Chapter 13
July 16, 2018 Chapter 14

If you are interested in joining, I encourage you to purchase the book if you do not already have it.  That being said, if you do not have the book, you are more than welcome to join in any way you see fit.  As well, please sign up here:

Thank you for your interest in this process.  I am not sure how it will work, but I am looking forward to giving it a try and seeing how it can be modified for future use in schools.

A little reminder from the book…

Source: George Couros

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