Comment on 5 Crucial Quotes on Leadership and Why They are Important by Garreth Heidt

I, too, love this quotation, and I want to state what I think we all know is somewhat implied…this absolutely applies to the position of the teacher in the classroom.

When we realize that the position of a teacher is fraught with power and that how we wield that power is ever so important, we begin to rethink who we are. My own recognition, early in my now 25-year-long career, of this fact has made my work in the classroom more genuine and important than mere content consumption.

However, it has not made my work easier. On the contrary, the system itself works against freedom. Its insistence on efficiency (test results) and compliance are both power plays that run counter to human development. While it may seem an oxymoron, what one must try to achieve is a bit of “managed freedom.” This is the difference between utter chaos and productive chaos. It is a delicate dance between teacher and student to recognize and honor the “chaos inside” that Nietzche says “gives birth to a dancing star.”

Source: George Couros