Thank You George

Here is a simple story, about a simple problem, with a simple solution.

This summer I was mowing my lawn, and the mower stopped working correctly. The engine was still running, but it was just puttering along. Fortunately, there is a man at my church who is retired from a job at a small engine shop. George has fixed my lawn mower before, so I gave him a call and set up a time to bring the lawn mower to him. I put the lawn mower in my car that afternoon and drove over to his house. First, he inspected the air filter. Nothing was wrong there. However, as he had the air filter out, he noticed a small spring that was no longer connected to a metal bracket. He reconnected the spring, started the engine, and that lawn mower purred like it did the day I bought it. He had literally diagnosed the problem and fixed the issue in less than one minute. I could have spent two hours trying to fix the lawn mower with hundreds of parts spread out over my garage, and I would have never been able to fix the problem.

I only had one problem. That problem was that my lawn mower was not running correctly. If I had tried to fix the problem by myself, I would have created a second problem. That second problem would have been lost time and energy due to not seeking help when I needed it. And in the end, I would have been left with two unsolved problems.

By seeking help, I limited myself to just one story, with one problem, that needed only one solution. Problems are going to arise in our classrooms and our schools. Sometimes these issues require immediate action and a quick decision on our own. When that urgency is not needed though, one of the first questions we should ask when attacking the issue is “Who can help me with this problem?” Do not create more problems for yourself by not seeking help when you need it.